Cold Call Coach Training System


Cold Calling for Success
Four Sessions
Two hours per session for eight total hours of training
$350 for the Complete System

Hosted by Paul M. Neuberger, Founder & CEO of The Cold Call Coach, the Cold Calling for Success Training System is the only item like it in the marketplace and will provide you and your sales team with everything that you need to be more effective, efficient cold callers. Low cold call success rate? Suffer from call reluctance or phone phobia? Once you complete this innovative and game-changing training program, those will be things of the past!

Here is an overview of what will be covered during each individual session:

Session #1: Pre-Call Strategy (Two hours)

Session #2: Effective Cold Call Psychology (Two hours)

Session #3: Cold Call Script Diagramming (Two hours)

Session #4: Removing Barriers to Cold Call Success (Two hours)

Once you complete the eight-hour Cold Calling for Success training program, you will have everything that you need to start burning up the phones: an effective pre-call strategy, how not to sound salesy, a world-class script, and the knowledge that you can overcome any obstacle that crosses your path.

But before you get on the phones, wouldn’t you like to role play your script? Wouldn’t it be nice to run it past a world-renowned expert so issues can be addressed in advance to save you time and money? What about those questions you have that need answers?

Most participants in this program will have questions and will want honest, direct feedback prior to working the phones. Who better to walk you through this than the creator of this program? For an extra fee, Neuberger will set aside one hour to review your scripts with you, role play, and make suggestions to ensure a positive ROI on your investment immediately.

Ready to invest in yourself? Are you prepared to go to the next stage in your career and achieve the level of sales success that you have always wanted? Want to be someone that others admire for your remarkable sales achievements?

Then place your order today and let’s get to work!

Of course, should you have any questions, please know that we are at your humble service. You can contact us at 414-313-8338 or

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