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JR Gallagher

Meet JR Gallagher, Account Executive at Selling to Zebras, Inc. Just like his company is revolutionizing….

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Pratish Mehta

Meet Pratish Mehta, VP of Operations at Onward Technologies Limited. This visionary leader brought me…

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Are you ready to increase your cold call success rate? Are you ready to make this year a record year? If so, you’ve come to the right place! For a sampling of the services that we provide and how we bring value to your clients, feel free to browse the various selections below from our video library. You may also visit The Cold Call Coach YouTube Page. Don’t forget to click “Subscribe” to ensure you are notified each time a new video is added to the page!

The Three Worst Words in a Cold Call

Ever wonder why your cold call gets shut down in a matter of seconds? Have you ever stopped to think why so many people mentally tune you out shortly after you introduce yourself on the phone? Our guess is you are saying the three worst words in a cold call and are shooting yourself in the foot each time. If you say these three words, you are more often than not doomed to fail before you even get going. What are these words, you ask? Please check out our video and start buying yourself more time on the phone today!

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Could Inc. be Wrong about Cold Calling?

“For decades, companies have been getting diminished returns from cold calling. Now they’re flogging a dead horse.” Preface to com column written …

Yes Cold Calling Is Very Much Alive

There is a nasty rumor going around that cold calling is dead. Have you heard that one before? Well, don't for one second believe it! If you do, your …

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Keith Dawson, Financial Representative, Thrivent Financial
"When I started working with Paul I was struggling to fill up my week with appointments. I also had a fear of making calls. That fear was amplified by the fact that I knew if I didn't make calls I would soon be out of a job. With that in mind, I scheduled a one-on-one coaching session with Paul. Within an hour of working with Paul my call phobia was gone. I was so excited to start making phone calls. I immediately set ten appointments and my weeks started to fill up. Paul has helped to instill more confidence in my phone calling process. I decided to continue my work with Paul for an additional 3 months. Not only has he helped me with my phone calling but he has helped me design a specific process to close more business. If you want to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend Paul. You will see a quick return on your investment. I look forward to my continued work with Paul!""
Dani Austin-Rauch, Realtor / First Weber Group
"Lot's of buzz going on over here about how much they enjoyed your session yesterday. One of my team members had life changing affirmation occur that he no longer wants to be just average. He wants to be the best at what he does. It's going to be an amazing year!""

Success Stories

Mat Wolfgram

The Office Technology Group in Milwaukee went from scheduling roughly six appointments per week via cold calling to over 70 using Paul’s techniques!

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Collin Schreck

Collin Schreck of Bank of England Home Mortgage in Brookfield went from a 5% cold call success rate to nearly 60% using Paul’s training!

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