How to Pique Curiosity While Cold Calling


Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to pique the curiosity of the prospects you speak with over the phone? You only have a small handful of seconds to get them to perk up, stiffen their spines, lean into the phone, and articulate, “Tell me more.”

Your ability to generate interest within the individuals you speak with via cold calling and leave them wanting more is, ultimately, your key to getting your foot in the door and ensuring that business is closed quickly.

Want to learn the secrets to generate this interest amongst the prospects you are calling? Then make plans to join us for this innovative and original Online Education Session.

During the session hosted by Paul M. Neuberger, Founder of The Cold Call Coach, LLC, you will walk away with key tips, best practices, strategies, and philosophies to generate methods on not only how to get the prospect to hang on your every word, but to act quickly based upon the level of enthusiasm and interest you have created on the cold call.

Without interest, there can be no next steps. Without next steps, there can be no closed business.

Make 2017 a year to remember by getting in front of more prospects more often, simply by learning key methodologies to pique curiosity while cold calling, thereby incentivizing those you speak with you take the next step.

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